Tips for Using Your BeautyBlender Sponge

Be radiant this season with a few simple and affordable makeup tips from a Hollywood pro.

Late summer sun and heat can be drying, but many women tend to overdo it when soaking their skin with sunscreen and moisturizer immediately before applying makeup, says Tracy Richards of Makeup By Tracy in Los Angeles.

“Moisturizing is great, but you don’t want to look like you’ve been jogging around the block after you apply makeup over your moisturizer,” says Richards, who has spent 10 years as a professional makeup artist for movies, television and commercials.

The use of too much moisturizer under makeup also can create blotchy look. “If you’re using a water-based foundation, and using a moisturizer with a lot of oil in it, your makeup starts separating, and that doesn’t look good,” says Richards, who’s recently headed the makeup department for the upcoming movie, “Bounty Killer.”

Richards advises a light touch in applying moisturizers and sunscreens, or using makeup that already contains sunscreen. “If you put sunscreen on under your makeup, it creates a more slippery surface, so you wind up having to touch up your makeup more often,” she says.

Eyes and Lips Tips

That goes for mascara, too, she says. “In summer, a lot of people want to use water-proof mascara, but the oil in the sunscreen or moisturizer is why your water-proof mascara will still run,” she says. One simple tip for a day at the beach is this: “Wear sunglasses and skip the mascara. You don’t always have to wear it.”

When it comes to lipstick, rather than applying sunscreen under lipstick, she advises mixing sunscreen with your lipstick in the palm of your hand and then applying it. In addition to avoiding having to resort to continual touch-ups of lipstick made slippery by the sunscreen, it also creates a sheerer summer look, Richards says.

The Right Match

Makeup, when used properly, can enhance your look, but not if you don’t make the right match. “I get people whose face is three shades lighter than their chest, and the neck tends to be the lightest,” says Richards. “Take a good look in the mirror, and then choose a tone to bring it all together.” There are affordable ways to accomplish this, she says. “You can buy a darker foundation or invest in a good bronzer and strategically place it,” she says.

Smart Application Tips

When it comes to applying makeup, always begin with less, not more, Richards advises. “The biggest thing I see is women wearing too much product, and their makeup ends up melting off their face,” she says. “A little goes a long way. You can always add more, but always start out with the smallest amount.”

The right makeup sponge can make a difference. She likes the rounded corners of the BeautyBlender applicator sponge. “You want to stipple it on,” she says, referring to the art of delicately dabbing on makeup versus using heavy strokes.

The BeautyBlender, which can be ordered online at our store, has a patent-pending elliptical shape and a suede texture designed to more easily apply makeup to the contours of your face.

“Especially if your skin is dry, it’s better to use a stippling motion,” Richards says. “With BeautyBlender, you can get a smoother application.” Sponges with rounded edges prevent lines and crease marks caused by traditional sponges with squared edges, she adds.

A Final Tip

The most expensive makeup isn’t necessarily the best choice when it comes to a beautiful look in any season, Richards says. “It’s about the quality of the makeup, not the price.” It’s also about achieving the right look for your current age.

“If you’ve been using the same makeup the same way for years, it’s time to go someplace and have your makeup done. The makeup that looked good in your youth might actually be making you look older because it’s dating you,” she says.

Her advice is to strip off all your makeup and then visit a professional or a department store makeup counter. Take before and after pictures of yourself.

“Have somebody help you update your look. We all get stuck in a beauty rut,” she says. “Be open to change.”

beautyblender spongeAbout the BeautyBlender

You can order the BeautyBlender sponge applicator at, the website of well-known beauty products purveyor Face & Body Shoppe. BeautyBlender was invented by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva with unique curves for easier application. It’s also latex-free, non-allergenic and odor free.

Face & Body Shoppe has become a one-stop shopping spot for high-end skin care, cosmetics and health and wellness products that can be difficult and time-consuming to find at traditional stores. Face & Body Shoppe tests all products to ensure only the highest-quality products are added to their online collections.

In addition to offering its customers the easy of anytime online shopping, also offers free priority shipping in the continental United States.

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  1. Lynda Sharpe says:

    Godd job Eve and Julia. I love the beauty blender idea.


  2. Sally says:

    I am very impressed with the web site and all your information. Great Job! Love that you are having fun making others beautiful!!


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