Top 10 Reasons to Shop Beauty Products Online

Shopping is hands down my favorite part of the Internet. Why? Everything.

  1. Selection. I’ve yet to find something in a store that I can’t find online. There are more options, more colors, and more information. Going to a big beauty store can be overwhelming and there are few product descriptions to help me find the perfect potion for whatever need I have. Sure, there are salespeople who can be quite knowledgeable, but I find they can oftentimes tell you what you want to hear or are too busy to help. Products organized by my skin type and category are super easy to navigate online.
  2. Competition. With the World Wide Web comes competition. This is good for us! Lots of beauty sites keep prices fair for shoppers. Shop around to find the best price!
  3. Speed. Online shopping has never been faster. Choose your shipping method and get your goodies as soon you need them.front door
  4. Reviews. I don’t buy anything without reading what other real people are saying about it. It says it’s for sensitive skin, but is it really? Plus, I like to leave reviews to help others.
  5. No crowds= no lines. I really don’t like being pushed around a busy store, rushed, and forced to wait in a long line. This is especially true around the holidays! I went to the mall recently and spent 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot. Ick. When shopping online, the only crowd I have to deal with is getting my dog to give me some space on the couch.
  6. Free shipping. It’s amazing. I don’t have to spend my time or money getting to a store. I don’t even have to put on real pants if I don’t want to! I browse, click, click, buy. A few short days later my local delivery guy makes a stop at my house and life is good. eve at door
  7. Returns. No one likes making returns, but every website should clearly have their Return Policy listed. It’s usually as simple as dropping it in the mail.
  8. FREE samples. I love getting free samples when I order cosmetics online. If I’m not going to use them, I put them in a jar in our guestroom for houseguests. They love finding new goodies to use.
  9. FREE gifts. Besides samples, some sites offer free gifts ranging from bags with a fragrance or perfume purchase to add-ons to enhance the item you’re already buying.
  10. Shop 24/7. Websites never close! It can be hard to fit in a trip to the mall, so shop online whenever it’s convenient for you.

front door 2

So my question is why NOT shop online?


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