(Shadow) Shield Your Eyes!

Shadow Shield

Have you heard of Shadow Shields? These things are great. Let me describe a situation I found myself in not too long ago. I’m getting ready to go to a wedding, and I’m running late. I don’t know why this always happens, but it does. I either forget to wrap the present or lose the card. Whatever the reason, I’m short on time, in a hurry and want to look my best. First obstacle: hair. I recently discovered the Curl Keeper line, so I that cuts a few minutes off my routine. (More on that in a few weeks)

I get the base of my face set, and now it’s time for the eyes. I want a pretty, dramatic look for a fancy night out. Then, it happens – I slip and have black down my face. There’s an aura of shimmer where it doesn’t belong. Oh no. It’s beyond repair and I basically have to start the whole process over. I redo it all in an even bigger hurry and it kind of shows. I have places to be and I’ll cross my fingers for dim lighting.

Fast forward to now. I have stumbled across a handy new tool that is going to save me next time: Shadow Shields. All I have to do is place an eye shadow protector under my eye and I don’t have to worry about eye makeup getting all over the place. Why has no one told me about this gem? Surely I am not the only person with a shaky hand who can ruin their whole look with one careless stroke.

This was a pretty simple look, but as you can see, I still got plenty of makeup on the Shadow Shield. That’s makeup that would have ended up where it didn’t belong making me look like a raccoon!

It’s got a nice adhesive that stays in place, but comes off easily. I’ve found that I can reuse the same shield on both eyes. Besides creating a clean line, these would be a perfect guide ES1A4609for a dramatic cat eye look. And, it can even be used to apply lipstick. Again, my shaky hands have been known to make a mess of a killer red lipstick.

They come in a 30 pack, so you can use them every day or just on days you need to be extra beautiful. How would you use them?


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