Top Gifts to Make the Holidays Beautiful

‘Tis the season for shopping! So many people to buy for, so little (or no) time. Here’s our list of beauty and skincare gifts to give everyone on your list! And just like that, you’ll be done. You can sit back and relax, or at least not worry about what to get who – oh, the ES33A5909v2dreaded task each year – and without dashing through the snow!

Sister: TheBalm Nude’Tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette – She will be even more of a stand-out with so many subtle and smoky shades. No need to pick just one color. And like most sisters, we bet she’ll want to share it with you!

Mom: Jericho Premium Beauty Pack – This beauty of a gift packs a punch for a very special woman who deserves to be pampered. Includes Jericho Premium Toner, Active Serum, Restoring Day Cream and Eye & Neck Gel.

Dad: Jericho Men Collection Kit – Everything he needs to feel good and look great. (Mom will love the results, too!) Includes Aftershave, Facial Serum, Foaming Facial Cleanser, Dead Sea Soap and facial towel.

Brother: Jericho Men Foaming Facial Cleanser & Aftershave Balm – Guys can be tricky and picky but this combo will bring out his softer side, or ummm, skin.


Kids: Knot Genie – Most kids don’t like combing the knots out. This awesome haircare tool comes in cool colors and makes brushing hair easy.

Grandma: Jericho Hand Cream – She’ll love this luxurious cream enriched with Dead Sea ES33A5857minerals. Perfect for dry, winter hands in need of some love.

Grandpa: Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream – Treat Gramps to the ultimate shave. You’ll get maximum thanks!

BFF: Choose from so many fragrances…you know her better than anyone. Pick one perfect for her and as unique as her personality.

Man in your life: ZIRH Platinum Drenched Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer – Really, it’s a gift you give yourself, too, because you get to enjoy his extra smooth skin.

Teacher: Jericho Cosmetics Energizing Salt Scrub with Aromatic Oil – It’s like a day at the spa. She worked hard this semester putting up with all those kiddos!

Start a new holiday tradition with beauty and skincare gifts sure to put a smile on their face (and make it look great, too). The holidays truly are a beautiful thing. Happy, happy!

What’s your fave gift to give and to receive?

-Eve & Julia

Photos by
Styling by Eve

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2 Responses to Top Gifts to Make the Holidays Beautiful

  1. Lynda Sharpe says:

    Great gift ideas and beautiful blog.


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