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Beauty is NOT only skin deep!

What makes you feel beautiful?  I don’t mean putting on makeup or curling your hair or getting your nails done or buying that perfect outfit.  What makes you feel beautiful, on the inside, as a person? There are a few … Continue reading

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Take Control of Your Curls!

If you have curly hair you want it straight. If you have straight hair you want it curly. Often, we want what we don’t have. I have been “blessed” with both – a combination of the two – but not necessarily … Continue reading

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Winterize Your Skin!

Brrr…the temps are dropping… We’ve already done the seasonal ritual of switching out the closet from tank tops, shorts and sandals to sweaters, jackets, boots and scarves. And now that the cold has really settled in, I am reminded to … Continue reading

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The Dead Sea…Naturally Beautiful!

Ahhh, the joys of getting older. I prefer to think of it as getting better, like a fine wine. With age comes change. It is harder to read small type, the body starts shifting in places it didn’t before(!), and … Continue reading

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