The Dead Sea…Naturally Beautiful!

Ahhh, the joys of getting older. I prefer to think of it as getting better, like a fine wine. With age comes change. It is harder to read small type, the body starts shifting in places it didn’t before(!), and your skin can change. My skin is definitely changing. Not so much lines and wrinkles, luckily, but products I’ve been using for years suddenly are upsetting my skin. I’m making a big switch, taking the plunge and replacing nearly everything in my skincare regimen. I want a line as natural as possible. My choice? Dead Sea products…

ES1A4621The benefits of Dead Sea minerals appear to be endless! This wondrous magical body of water is said to have healing powers like no other. I doubt I’ll get the opportunity to travel to Israel anytime soon, but I’m going to experience the Dead Sea. It contains tons of essential minerals and a high concentration of salt that naturally (keyword naturally!) cleanse, soothe, balance, hydrate, nourish the skin…and so much more. People come from all over the world to bask in its beauty and reap its therapeutic benefits. And what I love is that it has been proven to help problem skin, like skin allergies, eczema, dryness, acne, psoriasis, aging, the list goes on and on. It seems the perfect choice for my newly sensitive skin.

Everyone knows I love Jericho Premium Lifting Serum – I talk about it ALL the time! It’s infused mb_body_butter_hibiscus__74266.1418762172.120.120[1]with these marvelous minerals and my face just soaks it in. The entire Jericho line is rich in Dead Sea greatness. Then, there’s AHAVA (new to Face and Body Shoppe), which I can’t wait to try. Also packed with Dead Sea minerals, water and mud. Attitudeline is another amazing option. All have cleansers, moisturizers, salts, scrubs, body butters, pretty much anything you could want from head to toe! Discover what is right for you…

I’m excited to watch my skin come alive with products from the Dead Sea! Have you tried them? What can you not live without?

Be beautiful.


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