Valentine’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Ok, ladies, it’s February, the month of love! Twelve days until Valentine’s Day. What are you getting your man, dad, brother, best friend? They’ll be looking for your perfect Valentine’s Day gift, so make sure you put some thought into theirs.  May I offer a few suggestions? Some gifts your guy will heart…

As much as men like to be macho and rugged, most of them have a soft side, too. And most of them want to look good (they just need a little help from you). Surprise them on the day of love with cool haircare, skincare and shaving products made especially with men in mind.

Uppercut Deluxe is a hip and modern line. Pomade, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, shave stuff, even moustache wax (Mo Wax). Choose from a wide selection of grooming products that’ll make him look like a knockout!


Uppercut Deluxe Toothbrush, Face Wash 8.45 oz., Shave Cream 3.38 oz., Aftershave Moisturizer 3.38 oz. & Canvas Wash Bag


Lab Series & Zirh

Both Lab Series and Zirh offer awesome items, too – superior skincare to make his skin feel great, shaving essentials for an extra close shave and more. He’ll be extra touchable and smooth – yes! I’m thinking the Lab Series Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel or Zirh Prepare-Botanical Pre-Shave Oil. Or even get a couple things to create a gift set.


Jericho Men Aftershave Balm 4.2 oz., Foaming Facial Cleanser 6.7 oz., Hair & Body Shampoo 8 oz., Facial Serum 1 oz. & Eye Gel 1.76 oz.

And then there’s also Jericho Men. Made with Dead Sea minerals, this line is naturally good. I’ve heard from guys that aftershaves can be tricky because of their heavy, sometimes overpowering fragrances. Jericho Men Aftershave Balm is lightly scented, and does its job. Plus, cleansers, serums and creams that will leave his already adorable face, well, even more adorable, with a renewed, healthy glow.

Love is in the air, ladies. Find heartfelt gifts that bring out his sexy side or softer side. Or, just gifts you’d like him to try. Happy Heart Day!


Photos by
Styling by Eve

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  1. Lynda Sharpe says:

    The aftershave is a hit. Good call

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