Treat Yourself To A ‘Me’ Day!

Between raising kids or building a career or managing stress or sticking to a new exercise regimen – or all of the above, sometimes we need a little break. It’s so important to take a minute to breathe every now and again. Take time to relax, and treat ourselves, because let’s face it, we work hard and we deserve it.


Iroha Masks & Peels 0.8 oz. each

Let me tell you about Iroha Nature. It is a deliciously natural brand of women’s skincare. (And we all know how much I love natural). There are products for every skin type and every need. Among my favorites are the peels and masks. They come in convenient packet-like packaging, with a recloseable cap, and most contain at least three uses. And, don’t let me forget the best part; aside from the fact that they work, they wrap you in the most decadent scents.

Are you ready to be pampered? Here are my top picks. Get Ready Soft Facial Peeling has a luscious apricot fragrance and delicately renews the skin. Fun Day Smoothing Facial Mask is like the fountain of youth, enhancing softness and radiance with a hint of coconut. Sensual Day Moisturizing Facial Mask hydrates and softens with shea butter and leaves you smelling chocolate-y sweet. Xtreme Day Brightening Facial Mask contains the magical fruit –grape. Its self-heating action works to prevent the loss of collagen and bumps up firmness. Relax Day Purifying Facial Mask is infused with the awesome antioxidant green tea. Expect to look more vibrant and oil-free.

Check out the entire line of Iroha masks, moisturizers, anti-wrinkle treatments and more. And, schedule a ‘me’ day soon! You can thank me later…


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Styled by Eve

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