You Are My Sunshine…

My only sunshine. You make me happy. Period. Everyone loves the sun, right? Wrong – there’s something pretty important that, well, can’t stand those bright, sunny rays – our delicate skin. It is sunscreen season, my friends. And, although we should use it 365, honestly, I don’t give it much thought until the warm weather hits. I found a fantastic line of sunscreens by MDSolarSciences.  Here’s what makes these sun protectors top performers:

  1. Developed and approved by dermatologists (that’s awesome)
  2. Non-comedogenic (so no clogged pores)
  3. Suitable for all skin types (we all have different skin concerns, so this makes it easy)
  4. Fragrance-free (you won’t smell like a Pina Colada)
  5. All are broad spectrum, with choice of SPF, UVA-UVB sunscreens (an absolute must for me)

MDSolarSciences sunscreen stick, quick dry spray and mineral crèmes.

There’s a quick dry body spray SPF 40 which sprays any which way so it’s great for those hard to reach areas. Mineral crèmes in SPF 30 or 50, and the SPF 30 crème has a tinted option. This is always my choice because it makes my fair skin look a little more alive. Or, if a sunscreen stick is your thing, there’s that, too!

Then, there is MD CRÈME mineral beauty balm, made specifically for the face. You can wear it alone or under your foundation. It offers all of the same protection, is SPF 50, plus, evens out skin tone and minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines. Pick light/medium or medium/dark based on your skin color.

MDSolarSciences MD CREME Mineral Beauty Balm.

MDSolarSciences MD CREME Mineral Beauty Balm.

Throw a couple (or all) in your swim bag and head to the beach or pool. Sunny days are here again – be smart and sun kissed, not sunburned!


Photos by
Styled by Eve

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