Thick Hair is In

Notice that your hair is thinning? Or, when you try to gently comb it after washing or blow drying, strands seem to sort of fall out? Worry not; Zenagen  is here to save the day, and your lovely locks. Zenagen, dubbed as the fusion of beauty + science, is an innovative hair growth system for women and men. Hair thinning or loss, honestly, can be a little embarrassing for some. Get your hair back in shape and looking better than ever with Zenagen.

There’s a science that makes this system unique. It has these compounds, patented compounds, that go deep down through the dermal tissue to stop the hormones that cause thinning or loss and stimulate growth. Other hair loss products don’t penetrate the same way which makes this line so effective.

There are 2 different systems targeted for what your hair needs – the Revolve System and the Evolve System. Simply, choose the one that’s right for you. I’ll break it down, and you just pick!

The Zenagen Revolve System.

The Zenagen Revolve System.

Revolve is a two-step process for thinning and/or shedding. It creates oomph – think body and fullness. It works to grow hair back thicker with better manageability. You can expect to notice the results in only 2-6 weeks. And, get this…increased hair growth in 4-8 weeks! It’s perfectly fine for colored or highlighted hair, in fact it boosts color and adds shine. The Revolve System has a specific treatment for men, one for women, and a condition for either gender.

Evolve is also a two-step process. It comes to the aid of broken, weak or damaged hair to strengthen and speed up hair growth. And, just like Revolve, results come quickly…less breakage in 2-6 weeks and upped volume and growth in 4-8 weeks. It’s awesome for color-treated hair as well. There’s a treatment and conditioner, both suitable for women and men.

The Zenagen Evolve System.

The Zenagen Evolve System.

The entire Zenagen collection is free of unnecessary stuff like paraben, sulfate and formaldehyde so you can feel good about using it. Get the hair you always wanted. Thick, full hair is definitely in!


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Styled by Eve

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