Color Up!

Color Wow Root Cover Up.

Color Wow Root Cover Up.

Starting to see some grays poking through? Or maybe you dye or highlight your hair like me? Meet your “in between appointments” savior, Color Wow Root Cover Up. It’s a brush-on hair powder that hides roots and grays in seconds. This awesome mineral-based powder grabs onto hair without feeling sticky, icky, oily or stiff and looks totally natural. It’s super fast and easy to use, water-resistant and lasts until your next shampoo. It even stays put if you sweat or swim – WOW!

I have naturally dark hair, really dark hair (shhh). But, I like being blonde. My hair is also quite fine. To minimize the damage I do to my locks by getting it bleached, I try to push my cut and color to about every 7 weeks or so.  Personally, I like a little regrowth, or roots showing. But, as I get really close to my next trip to the salon, the roots become, well, too noticeable, for me. That’s when I turn to Color Wow. I dry and style my hair as I normally would, then apply the powder. The applicator is 2-sided for precise placement. I prefer to use the side with the longer bristles; it seems to work better for me. Then, just a little sweep, sweep starting at the scalp and moving down, and, voila, no more roots. Here’s a tip: start with a small amount of powder, as you can always add more.

Six natural Color Wow shades.

Six natural Color Wow shades.

Color Wow comes in 6 shades to cover up the lightest blondes to the darkest brunettes. Apply to dry hair where roots are peeking out – it’s that simple. No more fretting if you can’t get in to see your stylist for a while, Color Wow will save you, and give you color that’s wow all the time.


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Styled by Eve

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