Prepare to be blown away…

Things are heating up with Solano! Most of us use heat to dry and style our hair. Who has the time to let it air dry? And let’s face it; the heat helps tame locks. But, it can also cause major damage. Salon-quality hair dryers and hair tools by Solano are the secret weapon to happy and healthy hair. They are also preferred by professional stylists, which speaks volumes to me.


Solano hair dryers equal power.

My friend loves the 1875 watt hair dryer. She says it’s powerful, has a great and quick cool shot, and dries her thick hair well without frizzies. No more frizzies? Sign me up!

It has to do with how these tools are put together. (They’re hand crafted in Italy, by the way). Solano products have tourmaline to add shine and negative ions that seal in moisture. The dryers are super charged with far infrared heat – translation – hair dries faster so there’s much less chance for damage or breakage. Personally, my hair takes forever to dry, I’m not really sure why, so anything that would speed up the process is worth it to me.

Create smooth style with Solano.

Create smooth style with Solano.

There are several blow dryers to choose from between 1500 and 1875 watts (the more watts, the more power). Plus, curling irons with different barrels sizes to create small waves or big bounce, and flat irons that quickly and gently smooth out your style. No matter if your hair is thick or thin, long or short, there’s a Solano tool for you. Prepare to be blown away…

Have you tried any Solano tools? Leave me a comment, and let me know what you think.

Bring on the heat!


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Styled by Eve

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