Crave-able lashes, brows & hands…

Allow me to introduce you to The Crave Collection, an amazingly indulgent line of products made especially for lashes, brows and hands. This collection is super crave-able because it really and truly delivers beautiful results. (Click on the link above to see some great before and after pics.)

The Crave Collection.

The Crave Collection.

Take, for example, the Hands-Free Skin Brightener…in as little as three months, this magic potion can erase age spots on hands. Truthfully, I never have used any special products on my hands aside from creams or lotions – never anything to keep them young looking. And guess what? I’m starting to see spots. I’m giving this stuff a try!

Then, there’s Brow Braun Eyebrow Conditioner. It strengthens eyebrows, and in just four weeks, it begins to fill in and thicken for beautiful brows. Plus, it softens. I’m going to need this, too! My brows are definitely sparse and require brow powder to enhance them.

And last but not least, lashes. The Crave Collection’s Embellash Eyelash Conditioner enhances lashes so they are lush and full. In about six weeks, lashes have more length and strength, without even batting an eye. Ugh, I must have this as well! There’s a funny thing with the bottom lashes on my right eye – I have way less than on my left eye. It’s always been like this. Maybe Embellash will fix that problem. (It’s definitely worth a try.)

Well, I guess it’s settled…I need the entire collection. What are you craving?


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Styled by Eve

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