Embrace your skin…at any age!

As we get older, or umm more mature, things start changing, shifting and dare I say it, sagging. Our skin is no exception. Over the years, it changes a lot. And it needs different care at different stages in our lives.

I can remember in my teens and twenties, my skin was somewhat poreless looking but very oily. I wasn’t so savvy then to understand really which products were best for my face. My makeup would “melt” off because I didn’t know what I was doing! Oily skin is tricky – it needs hydration but so important is that it is oil-free.

Women’s skincare is really simple actually. It is all about understanding your skin type. Then, just get products based on your type whether it’s normal, combo, or somewhere in between.

ES1A2630v1NoLogoWhen I look back, what’s vital early on is a skincare regimen. If you get into the habit when you’re young, your skin will thank you later, trust me! Moisturize every single day and for goodness sake, find a good eye cream and be religious about using it.

So, I’m not quite a teenager anymore. And my skin is definitely not the same as it used to be. It’s less oily, more combination, and ultra-sensitive. My pores are more noticeable and I’ve got a few lines I never had before. I have really tried to embrace these changes and adapt through trying new products. Pore minimizers, wrinkle fillers and serums work wonders to freshen up a not-quite-twenty-years-old-anymore face!

Embrace your skin. Be beautiful and make it a great week.


Photo by j.steele.photography

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