Minerals on a mission.

Mineral Fusion - minerals on a mission.

Mineral Fusion – minerals on a mission.

Mineral makeups have been around for years…so many brands have come and gone… But one brand has stood out in the crowd since 2007 –Mineral Fusion . It is among the best brands in mineral cosmetics and skincare.

First, there’s the question – why mineral makeup? Really simply put, it is so natural. (My dermatologist is a big believer in mineral makeup which says a lot to me). Mineral makeup is different than typical liquid foundation. It sits on top of the skin, it doesn’t seep in. That means it won’t clog pores that can cause breakouts or other irritations. And, it doesn’t settle in fine lines and wrinkles. Essentially, the skin can breathe. Most mineral makeups contain ingredients that nourish the skin, soothe it and naturally provide sunscreen protection. Seems like a smart choice, doesn’t it? A makeup that is actually good for the skin that will enhance and improve it, not aggravate or irritate it…

Now, why Mineral Fusion? The entire line is packed with skin-loving nutrients. Your skin will actually get healthier by using it! Everything is free of gluten, parabens, SLS, phthalates, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances. Mineral Fusion cosmetics are vegetarian-friendly and not ever tested on animals. They have loose and pressed powders in several shades to complement most skin tones. The lip glosses are ultra-hydrating. The blushes are very flattering. The eyeshadows are crease-resistant. The illuminating powder creates a gorgeous glow. The sheer tint foundation gives a dewy freshness. The eye pencils glide on with ease. I could go on and on…!

So, what’s a reason not to use mineral makeup? I can’t think of one.

Mineral Fusion are minerals on a mission to make your skin its most beautiful, most radiant ever. It’s a smart, natural choice, don’t you agree?


Photo by j.steele.photography

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