Hair To ‘Dye’ For…

Dye-ing for a new look? Turn heads with Sparks, one of the top hair dye and color treatment brands. Sparks offers a line of permanent hair color in the brightest, boldest hues. So, if you’re ready for all-over color, maybe a dip-dye effect or just a simple strand to stand out, here’s the line for you! Show off your sassy style.

Choose from every color in the rainbow!

Choose from every color in the rainbow!

Sparks Long-Lasting Bright Hair Color offers ALL of the hottest colors…Red Hot, Orange Crush, Yellow Sunburst, Pink Kiss, Magenta Mania, Purple Passion, Electric Blue, Green Envy, Rad Raspberry and Crystal Clear…see? Every color in the rainbow! This stuff is actually good for your hair too, unlike some dyes that can dry hair out. A gorgeous glaze leaves locks with gloss and shine beyond your wildest dreams. And, don’t be fearful of fading. These specially formulated dyes last and last.

Sparks Color Care Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Protecting Conditioner are the perfect complement to your new style. They are packed with botanicals to seal in color, add moisture, strengthen strands, protect from breakage and encourage healthy hair growth. The Sparks Color Care Protecting Spray is yet another shield against fading. Plus, it creates even more silky softness.

Protect your color.

Protect your color.

Go ahead – express yourself with a fierce and funky hairstyle, or a subtle and sweet peek-a-boo look. Either way, expect radiant results and vibrant locks.

What’s your color?


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  1. do they do silvers and greys?


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