High impact is…HighTech Cosmetics

Turn up your style with high performance, high quality, high impact skincare and makeup. HighTech Cosmetics, from Italy, is one of the top producers of luxury cosmetics and skin treatments. Their vision is to create products that mimic the effects of cosmetic surgery…in the comfort of your own home. How convenient, to me, and way less expensive. Not to mention, there’s no downtime – and the results are instant (my favorite feature of beauty products).

HighTech Cosmetics...for an instantly flawless face.

HighTech Cosmetics…for an instantly flawless face.

The Instant Lipo Filler is the queen of anti-agers. It plumps, firms, and with regular use, it redefines your face in an amazing way. In just 15 minutes, you will see a noticeable and remarkable difference in your face. It is non-greasy and perfect for all skin types. The Instant Lifting has been proven, through clinical tests, to reduce lines and wrinkles up to 24% in only 15 minutes. And, in that same amount of time, the Instant Aqua Filler boosts skin’s hydration nearly 30%. All of these beauties work so fast, you won’t believe your eyes, or your skin.

HighTech Cosmetics...so much color and volume.

HighTech Cosmetics…so much color and volume.

BB creams have become more and more popular over the years. HighTech Cosmetics hits the mark, and then some, with their BB Cream Instant Skin Sublimer. In yep, you guessed it, only 15 minutes, you get flawless – evened out skin tone, a smoother look, and imperfections gone. Plus, a gorgeous touch of sheer, nude coverage.

There is no exception with HighTech Cosmetics makeup, too. From volume lip gloss, volume lip filler, volume lip pencil, lash volume, and more, the results are stunning. Complementary colors for every mood and every occasion. If you’re look for a great red lipstick, the Instant Volume Lip Filler in Grenadine is awesome.

15 minute action, that’s what HighTech Cosmetics is all about. That, and a new, fresh, young appearance. Put your best face forward! I think you will be instantly pleased.


Photos by j.steele.photography
Styled by Eve

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