Ahh the smell of chocolate…

All the chocolate you want and none of the calories? Oh yeah! New to Face and Body Shoppe is Chocolat Mat by Masaki Matsushima , a fine fragrance for women.

This fat-free scent is so indulgent, so delicious and romantic – but, without any of the guilt. Let’s face it, if I had to guess, I’d say 90+% of women have a weakness for chocolate at some time or another. I know I do. Now, you can wrap yourself in this delectable treat all day, every day, for a sexy night out – whenever the mood strikes you.

Chocolat Mat.

Chocolat Mat.

Chocolat Mat by Masaki Matsushima is a unique, intriguing fragrance that’s ever so feminine and soft, and yet soothing and calming at the same time. It doesn’t overpower, but rather adds to the beauty and mystery of a woman.

I find a lot of fragrances to be too heavy or too sweet or too powdery, and some just give me a headache. Chocolat Mat is a delectable treat with just the right amount of sensual aroma.

Delight in so many wonderful smells that together make up this sumptuous perfume. Top notes of black currant, grapefruit, watermelon and rose add the perfect amount of sweetness. Mid notes of cacao and dark chocolate infuse depth and warmth. Base notes incorporate musk, coconut and sandalwood. Blended all together, they create a distinctive, almost gourmet fragrance. Even the bottle is extra special…from the sleek shape to the chocolate brown color. Enjoy the perfume alone, or layer it with the body lotion and shower gel to take your chocolate experience even further.

Ahh the smell of chocolate…all the deliciousness, none of the guilt, and none of the calories! How much do you love chocolate?


Photo by j.steele.photography
Styled by Eve

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