A Beauty of a Black Friday Deal

ES1A4564V1Are you up for the challenge of fighting crowds? Waking up at 4am just to be the first in line? Or going through all the hustle and bustle to save a few bucks? Not me! I’m waking up when I want on Black Friday morning, putting on my comfy robe, pouring some coffee, and turning on my laptop. Because, while yes, I want to hit some good sales, I’m not willing to go through all the craziness of trying to park at the mall, or maneuvering between tons of shoppers.

Shopping online is the best! It’s so easy and convenient. I surf around my favorite sites, and a couple of clicks later, I’m done…it’s that simple. Then I can get on with my day, like enjoying some quality family time.

p33A6632Face and Body Shoppe’s Black Friday Sale is a beauty. 25% OFF anything and everything you want (Friday only)! That’s big savings. But wait, there’s more. As always, there’s FREE stuff…free priority shipping on all US orders, free samples with every order, and a free gift with orders over $25. Buy gifts for everyone, stock up on your faves, or try something new. This is the perfect time. Enter code 25F at checkout.

Choose from all of the top skincare, haircare and cosmetics brands, like Layla, Freeze 24/7, beautyblender, The Wet Brush, Hot Tot, Zirh, OM4, etc. They are all 25% OFF.

Shopping is fun. Shopping and saving money is even more fun! What fabulous deals did you find?


Photos by j.steele.photography

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1 Response to A Beauty of a Black Friday Deal

  1. lynda sharpe says:

    Kathy loved her gift. Everythi g that you suggest is a hit. THANK YOU

    Liked by 1 person

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