Clean and simple…


CLEAN…simple and pure.

Keep your holiday shopping clean and simple this year. There’s no need to overthink or over analyze the gifts you give, but I know we all do it. Finding just the right present to compliment her personality is not an easy thing. Get all of the ladies crossed off your list in one fell swoop with CLEAN Fragrances. I have never really thought about buying perfume for friends and family, but with CLEAN, it is a sure thing, because there is a scent to capture every gal’s unique splendor. I know when I spritz on perfume, I feel a little more feminine, and a little sexier, so why not share that?

Clean Eau de Parfums are a line of fine fragrances inspired by natural beauty. Here are some suggestions, but you know the girls in your life the best, so pick what embodies her style and spirit. There is some crossover here because each of these scents works well for everyone…

For teachers and mom, you can’t go wrong with Clean Warm Cotton – a just-out-of-dryer scent that evokes warmth and comfort. Top notes of citrus and verbena and citrus, mid notes of orange flower, and base notes of amber and musk. They blend together to create a calm, fresh and pure smell she will enjoy wearing every day.

For your besties or close pals, or maybe for mom, Clean Skin is a delicious, delicate fragrance. Honeydew, Lotus blossom, blue rose, musk, amber wood and vanilla invite a feeling of sensuality and softness.

For aunts, grandmas and friends (or mom, teachers and your BFF!), Clean Air is so nice. It’s woodsy meet floral with a beautiful balance of Bergamot, Freesia and Peony, with hints of musk, cashmere woods and white amber. This fragrance in particular, layers exquisitely with other CLEAN parfums for a bright, distinctly one of a kind scent.

Keep it clean and simple, while giving a gift that embraces her, with every spritz.


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Styled by Eve

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