Spa worthy masques & more

Patchology is like stepping out of the spa, without stepping foot outside the comfort of your home. And, it is a whole new approach to skincare. The typical facial masks are cream, gel, or clay based. Not Patchology. They have designed innovative cosmetic patches that deliver real results with no fuss, no mess, no guesswork, and no rinsing off.

These gems are literally face masks – super cool! You just unwrap one, place it on your face, wait a short 5 minutes for the magic to happen, then remove and throw it away. They are really easy to apply, complete with cut-outs for your eyes, nose and mouth. What a brilliant idea, don’t you agree?

The Illuminate FlashMasque, as you can gather from the name, brightens and refreshes. It evens out the skin, giving it a new glow. Ingredients including licorice and grapefruit seed extracts revive lifeless skin, transforming it to healthy and happy, with a renewed beauty…in 5 minutes. Each packet contains 1 facial sheet, so there is not much commitment, which I like. I hate buying a huge jar of something only to find out I don’t care for it. You can try it, and if it is not for you, you’ve wasted nothing. I doubt that will be the case with these facial masques though. If you do love it, you can get it as an 8-pack. In addition to Illuminate, there is also Exfoliate and Hydrate.

Do you want to just target your eyes or lips? FlashPatch Lip Gels lessen the look of lines while creating ultra-softness and smoothness. FlashPatch Eye Gels wake up tired-looking eyes, reduce puffiness and smooth out the delicate under-eye area.

Get gorgeous in a flash! Patchology is amazing masques and patches. What do you think of this incredible concept in skincare?


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Styled by Eve

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