T3 Tools

Beautiful outside. Powerful inside. That is T3 – an exceptional collection of hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, brushes and combs. They are beautiful. They are powerful. They are awesome. I think T3 is a triple threat in the hair tools game.

#1 They are totally efficient. The hair dryers work fast. Who wants to spend a ton of time on their hair? I don’t, life is hectic enough. You can cut dry time thanks to tourmaline technology…and ions help to reduce frizz for a smooth, polished look. Plus, they are lightweight, easy to hold and stealthily quiet. The curling irons and wands shape curls and waves effortlessly. The round brushes have tourmaline and ceramic barrels that pump up the volume, never leaving your hair flat.

#2 They are top performers that last. I have had my T3 single pass flat iron for a couple of years now. It has a multitude of temperature settings, and always delivers even heat. And most definitely only requires a single pass through each section of hair. So, there is less damage because you don’t have to continually work over each hair strand.

#3 They are true style. Mostly, I want a hair tool that works. But when they look good, too, well that’s an added bonus. The T3 line is a gorgeous group.

Sleek design. Powerful delivery. Impeccable results. That is T3, the triple threat in hair tools.


Photos by j.steele.photography
Styled by Eve

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