2 Cute 4 Kids

What’s new 4 kids? Brushes, hair ties, lip balms…how awesome!

ES33A5698v3Knot Genie has added to their cool collection of detangling brushes with a rainbow ombre pattern. But the kiddos will just see fun color. This brush is a dip-dye of pink to blue, or blue to pink, depending how they hold it. Tangles and snarls are brushed out – poof – like magic. The easy-to-hold line of brushes is made with children in mind. And what that means is brushing is no longer a chore. No pulling, no tears, and definitely no knots!

Knot Genie has also created a magic hair band. The smart toggle design means the perfect ponytail every time, not too loose and not too tight. They have dangling charms at the end for a stylish look to fit every personality, mood or outfit. There are 7 to choose from including sparkly pink, aqua, black and gray, plus hearts, stars and soccer balls. I tried one out…it looks pretty charming!

ES33A5676eos Evolution of Smooth has come up with an adorable lip balm set. It has 3 signature lip balms (Sweet Mint, Pomegranate Raspberry and Limited Edition Vanilla Bean). And, glittery, glitzy jeweled sticker art to decorate and personalize each sphere. How fun is that?

The other hot detangling brush, The Wet Brush, is now offering a punchy, pink penguin print in their Happy Hair Collection. IntelliFlex bristles make brushing wet hair simple. Kinks and twists have no match with this detangler. Brushing wet hair, or dry, long or short, straight or curly is well, happy. ES33A5678

All of these would make great gifts 4 kids (adults 2, actually)…4 Valentine’s Day, 4 their birthday, 4 their friend’s birthday, or just because. Don’t U think?


Photos by j.steele.photography
Styled by Eve

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