Natural is Amir

ES33A5715Experience a line oh so natural, oh so nourishing, oh so good for your skin and hair. Amir, a leader in healthy skincare and hair care, is jam packed with pure ingredients including the amazing Argan Oil. Other essential vitamins and nutrients round out this collection making it the perfect choice to boost your natural beauty.

What is Argan Oil? It is an oil taken from a tree native to Morocco. It has long been a “magic potion” for Moroccans and has since gained wild popularity in the United States.

Why is it good? Argan Oil is bursting with so much goodness. Antioxidants help to maximize smoothness to the skin. Fatty acids nurture and replenish the skin. Vitamin E has healing properties.

Amir skincare is body lotions and moisturizers that deeply soften for visible results. Improved elasticity, incredible hydration and an overall soothing feeling is what you can expect. And, without ever being heavy, greasy or oddly, oily. It works well on skin irritations, too. The facial moisturizer is an absolute age defy-er. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, leaving a fresh brightness and youthful vibrancy.

Amir hair care is shampoos, conditioners and serums/treatments that impart shine while protecting from damage. The Amir Spray Oil is pretty fantastic…a couple of quick spritzes detangle, tame frizz and flyaways, help to repair split ends, provide touchable softness, pump up the volume and aid in long lasting color.

Argan Oil has been dubbed “liquid gold” for skin and hair…and with good reason. It is pure, it is natural, it is healthy. But most importantly, it works for real.

Amir skincare and hair care is head-to-toe goodness! What do you think of this natural beauty?


Photos by
Styled by Eve

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