The Best in Brushes

Not everyone was blessed with what I like to call ‘good hair’, me included. It takes finding the right shampoo and conditioner, and the right styling products. It also takes the right brush. Look no further…Spornette is here to save the day, and your hair. The Spornette collection of hair brushes is a leader in ‘good hair days’. It is a top quality, professional line of brushes with something for everyone, and every hair type and style.

The Ventura Blow-Out Brush is genius! It is a round brush and a flat brush in one. The flat, paddle center straightens and smooths strands, while the round sides finish off your style with a slight bend or bouncy curl. And now you’ll only need one brush instead of two.

The Spornette Little Wonder, so appropriately named, is a savior for short styles and/or fine, thin, lifeless hair. Made with nylon and boar bristles, it gently adds incredible body and volume. It is a fantastic little guy for up-do’s and teasing.

ES33A6507The Carry On is just the right size for your purse. The Spornette Bolero Beard & Mustache Styling Brush is a must-have for every man with facial hair. The Mini Styling Rounder creates tiny, touchable curls.

Spornette really has thought of everyone. They know we all don’t have good hair. They have thought of every hair type – straight, curly, thick, thin – and designed brushes to uplift every cut.

Good hair days are here again. Thanks, Spornette!

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