Oh, Baby…Feet!

You know how babies’ feet are so soft? Would you like your feet to feel like that? Well then, you should try Baby Foot, an exfoliating foot peel. It is no wonder lil’ babes have such smooth toes and soles…they are pristine…they have never worn shoes or walked! Our adult feet have been through the ringer over years, so much wear and tear, millions of steps, and super cute but sometimes very uncomfortable heels and sandals.

Baby Foot, as they say, is “a simple way to baby soft feet.” And, they aren’t kidding. It really is an easy way to fantastic feet. Each package comes with 1-time use booties. Slip them on, one on each foot then relax as they work their magic. Make sure you have about an hour of free time when you do it, as it is recommended to not walk around during the process. An excuse to put your feet up! And the lavender scent is amazing and oh so soothing. So, as these babies go to work, they are prepping to gently slough off layers of dead skin. Seventeen natural extracts including apple, sage, lemon, grapefruit, orange, chamomile and more, safely and effectively transform your toes to your heels.

ES33A8479So, I said prepping…by that I mean this treatment will begin to loosen and shed the dead skin about 5-7 days after you use Baby Foot. There is absolutely no filing or scrubbing that you have to do. Just watch as rough, tough skin effortlessly peels away naturally. The ingredients of Baby Foot are specially formulated to penetrate deep, unlike a pumice stone or foot file can only touch the surface. The end result is intensely soft and smooth feet that have renewed moisture and bright tone – just like that of a baby.


My baby’s feet:)

You’ll go ga-ga over your baby soft feet! And, Spring has almost sprung, so now is the perfect time to give these baby booties a try.


Photos by j.steele.photography

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  1. lynda sharpe says:

    I love those baby feet. Amazing . Everyone needs this product.

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