Layla nailed it…again!

Layla Cosmetics is all about special effects nail polishes…mirror effect, hologram effect, gel effect, ceramic effect and more. Well, they have outdone themselves this time with their newest thermo effect. This is the most fun I’ve ever seen in nail lacquers. The concept is simple – think back to the days of mood rings. This polish changes with hot and cold temperatures. The effect is wow!

I tried two colors, dark turquoise to light turquoise and slate grey to light grey. When your nails are cool the color is darker. When your nails are warm the color is lighter. And, when you are somewhere in between, the colors blend to an awesome ombre.

I’m not sure why I chose the turquoise, blues don’t tend to look good against my pale skin tone, but I did. I liked the color best when it was warm, or lighter. The grey I am in love with. It is a great shade for me light or dark, and is very complimentary with anything.

There is no special prepping before using this thermo effect polish. I put on my usual base coat then two coats of the polish, and a fast-drying topcoat. It paints on evenly, the color is brilliant and true, and it is long-lasting (no chips so far). Something to note is that the bottle says ‘for false nails’. I’m not sure why because it has the same effect on natural nails like mine.

There are eight hues including the two I tried: green to light green, red to yellow, cranberry to light pink, purple to violet, violet to lilac and mulled wine to red. I seriously want to wear them all! They are so much fun.

You nailed it once again, Layla! What do you think of this color-changing coolness of a nail lacquer?


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  1. Gorgeous blue! I love your blog, followed, and hope you won’t mind a follow back? 🙂


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