Premier by Dead Sea Premier

ES33A9999You can expect drop dead gorgeous results from a leader in the skin care industry, Premier by Dead Sea Premier. As the name clearly says, it is a super luxurious line packed with Dead Sea salts and minerals. Powerful, yet gentle, Premier by Dead Sea Premier, is phenomenal for the face and body.

The Dead Sea is dubbed the healing waters for its therapeutic properties. People travel thousands and thousands of miles just to take a dip in it. Premier has bottled the Dead Sea in this collection of creams, scrubs, serums, soaps, masks and more. Besides their natural ingredients, all of Premier’s packaging is made with recycled materials, and they never test on animals.

There are too many products to talk about them all. So, I’ll highlight one I think is really worth it (although they all are). It’s called BIOX Intensive Anti-Age Complex. It is seriously the ultimate age-defy-er. Of course it has Dead Sea minerals which nourish, hydrate and revitalize. It also has Vitamin E that boosts collagen, and antioxidants integral to reducing the tell-tale signs of aging.

Have you ever thought of plastic surgery, or facial injections? BIOX Intensive Anti-Age Complex is a natural alternative to expensive and perhaps painful treatments. It relaxes facial muscles thereby reducing wrinkles, it firms up sagging skin – and it does it instantly. Use it twice daily as part of your skin care routine and notice immediately a younger looking, beautiful new you.

Get drop dead gorgeous with Premier by Dead Sea Premier.


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Styled by Eve

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