Zirh Skincare for Men

ES33A0021Let’s face (and body shoppe) it, not all men care about or worry about or practice a daily skincare regimen. My guess is maybe because they don’t fully know the benefits of maintaining healthy skin, or think they need to do more than wash their face or shave. Change your thinking, guys! Check out Zirh, a line targeted specifically towards men. It is a premium brand of high-quality products geared at making a man’s skin look great. And, Zirh is a top choice for celebrities and athletes.

I gave a guy friend a sample eye gel to try. His first words…do I have wrinkles? Why do I need this? I said it’s important for you to have a skincare routine. (By you, I meant all men). He decided to play along with me. He asked what it does. It reduces puffiness, adds moisture, diminishes fine line, I said. Well, he then shot me a look like yeah right…total skepticism! I replied with, you’ll thank me in a few years. I truly think this is what a lot of men think.


Zirh has made it easy for men to get into a skincare habit that shows real results. The Aloe Vera Shave Cream and Shave Gel offer rugged protection, from razor burn and dryness. The Alpha-Hydroxy Face Wash cleanses and conditions without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. The Vitamin Edition Body Bar is perfect in the shower – glycerin and multi-vitamins team up to clean, hydrate, refresh and relieve tiredness in all skin types. The Targeted Skin Cleaning Gel is a spot treatment for trouble areas. It works to eliminate blackheads and blemishes while reducing redness and other skin imperfections.

There is something for every man in the Zirh collection. It is reasonably priced, has sleek packaging, but most of all it gives real results.


Photos by j.steele.photography
Styled by Eve

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