Sunless Tanning Made Easy


Is it a spray? Is it a lotion? No…it’s a cloth! This is a really cool idea – Helios Self-Tanning Towels by White Towel Services. If you have fair skin like I do, it can be a real challenge finding a nice, natural looking self-tanner. One that doesn’t make you look orange or the color is way too dark. The Helios Self-Tanning Towel doesn’t come in shades, it is a “one size fits all”. This smart towel adjusts based on every skin tone.

I have never been very good at applying tanning creams or lotions. I thought I was, but once the tan would deepen, I could see my uneven strokes, ugh. Would I do better with a towel? Before sharing my experience, here are the stats… The Helios Towel is made of 100% cotton that is infused with a self-tanner. It is 5 ½” x 25” which makes it easy to get to hard to reach places like your back. It goes on evenly without streaks. It has certified organic ingredients. And, there’s no exposure to harmful rays. So, it’s safe, healthy and easy.

I decided to try the towel on my legs only. I took it out of the package and unrolled it. It is not wet, per se, just lightly damp. I started on my thigh and worked my way around and down to my feet, one leg at a time. It took be about a minute total. It goes on clear, but I really felt that I was able to apply evenly. When you read the instruction, note that you are to rub it on more gently on feet and hands.

So, I used the towel about three hours ago and am noticing a very soft glow so far. UPDATE: One day later…a slightly deeper color. 3 days later…it has faded just a touch and is the perfect shade of sun-kissed.

Spring into summer with a gorgeous, natural looking tan, without the sun, without the mess, and without the smell (it has a pleasant fragrance). Let me know what you think of this cool tanning towel.


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Styled by Eve

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