Hairbrushes by Olivia Garden

What’s the fuss with brushes? So many choices, so many styles, so many shapes and sizes. Some are expensive, some are not. Then, there’s different bristles and different materials they are made of. So many choices. Is it too many choices? The Olivia Garden line doesn’t think so. They’ve got something for everyone, and want you to use exactly the brush you need for whatever your ‘do.


I really like the Healthy Hair Bamboo Ionic collection, and here’s a few reasons why.  First, they are made from eco-friendly natural bamboo, which happens to be more durable than wood, and lighter (I can’t stand a heavy brush). They are anti-static and add shine. The large paddle brush is my fave – it works great for blow drying. They also look good…the two-tone stripe gets two thumbs up from me.

Some of Olivia Garden’s other awesome hairbrushes are the Ceramic + Ion ones. These brushes are totally pro and super sleek. Choose based on what your hair needs. The cushion paddle is ion charged, meaning it’s going to help smooth strands and give a glossy look. It is perfect for detangling, regular brushing and kinds of styling. The vent paddle is also ion charged, plus the openness (vents) make it ideal for speeding up dry time. And bonus, they all have a sectioning pik built in the handle.



ES33A0904There’s tons of combs, and cool sets, too. Seriously, something for every single person! And a genius tool I’ve never seen anywhere, it’s a blush cleaner. It has little “teeth” that glide through any kind and any brand of hairbrush, gathering all of the built-up hair.

Happy hairstyling!


Photos by
Styled by Eve

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