Men’s Skincare


OM4, a complete organic system for men.

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought this would an appropriate time to touch on men’s skincare, and the importance of it. So, ladies, I want you to relay this information to your husbands, boyfriends, dads, brothers, etc. (I doubt they are following me:))

It is never too late to start a skincare regimen. Of course, the earlier/younger the better, but there are benefits at any age.  Men are lucky; they actually age more slowly than women. They have tougher skin than us, they are more “thick-skinned” if you will! From the research I’ve done, it seems cleansing is the most significant step in a guy’s routine. Washing away impurities like dirt and oil is necessary for healthy skin. But help your man choose a cleanser that’s made for them, and a cleanser that’s specifically for the face. The bar soap they may use in the shower, that’s meant for the body, won’t cut it. First, body bars can be drying to the face, and dry equals looking more weathered.  One great pick is Zirh Wash – Mild Face Cleanser For Men.

If you can get them to step it up more, go for a good shave gel and aftershave combo. Both will hydrate and protect their skin from all the rugged elements, and soften them up, too. If you’re starting to get them hooked on a routine, throw a facial moisturizer, sunscreen and eye gel into the mix. That might be pushing it, but they will definitely notice the results. And like what they see. OM4 Organic Male is an incredible line for men. It is targeted to skin type, whether normal, dry, oily or sensitive. And, it’s a really easy collection. Each target has 4 products that take all of 4 minutes to use.

Let’s get the guys looking even more gorgeous!


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