Happy Father’s Day


I’d like to give a nod to all of you special, kind, hard-working Dads out there. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19 and here’s a big thanks for all that you do.

Dads today do it all…taking the family to the beach, coaching little league, preparing an amazing meal, helping with homework and around the house, and pretty much everything in between.

This Father’s Day, I will be with my Dad. I am fortunate that he and my Mom live very close, and that we are close as a family. Some Dad’s Day celebrations entail going out to eat at an over-crowded restaurant. That’s not how we roll. We haven’t figured out yet how we will spend the day, but if I know my Dad, it will involve exercise. My guess is we will pack a cooler with food and drinks (bologna and cheese sandwiches, more specifically). Then, we’ll head to a park for a picnic. Oh, but just before, apply sunscreen! After a light lunch, we’ll take to the trails for a hike of maybe 3 or 4 miles throughout nature. I love this time we all share…my Dad, Mom, son and me. And, I love that we do it all the time, not just for Father’s Day.

Here’s hoping for good weather…

Happy Father’s Day! How will you celebrate your awesome Dad?


Photo by j.steele.photography
Styled by Eve

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1 Response to Happy Father’s Day

  1. lynda sharpe says:

    Thanks, Eve.
    You get the sun screen and we will bring the picnic. Love love love.

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