Crack down on humidity


It’s official…summer is here! And guess what else is here? The dreaded humidity. Humidity is my hair’s biggest nemesis. Most days I wonder why I even bother to do my hair. Within seconds of walking outside, my sleek, straight style starts shrinking, frizzing and losing control. It is frustrating to say the least and a mess. I’ve tried countless serums, mousses and more that claim to combat humidity, but they never really worked for me. Then, I met Crack, my new summer love. It is a “habit forming hair crème”, a leave-in styling aid that is my obsession.

Here’s what Crack does for me: it adds moisture to my dry, color-treated hair, especially on my ends where I need it most. It protects from heat (and I use both a hair dryer and flat iron). It helps to heal from damage. It increases shine, never builds up and has no greasy, heavy feel. But mostly why I can’t live without it is it truly blocks the humidity. My usual frizzies stay tame and smooth. It’s my hair’s summertime savior.

The whole line is part edgy and part fun. And definitely addictive. If a crème isn’t what you’re looking for but want the same benefits, Crack Mist Leave-In Conditioner & Styling Aid will give you similar results. Crack Clean & Soaper Shampoo is the perfect “detox” for hair.  Crack In Treatment Conditioner moisturizes and nourishes.

Get your hair fix with Crack. Are you hooked?


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