Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare

I’m really excited about new-to-us Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare. I’ll be honest, it is a more complex line rooted in science that I still have a lot to learn about. I will certainly write more as I know it, but here’s some of the coolness Osmosis has to offer.


Osmosis is a holistic brand meaning it targets both internal and topical treatment. On the topical side, Osmosis’ collection is heavy on serums. Serums, as you might be aware, are known for having a really effective penetration deep within the skin layers. They have a whole regimen of Vitamin A serums. Retinoinds, or Retin-A (forms of Vitamin A), are proven to greatly help turn back time on your skin…reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But, they can be very tough on skin. Osmosis has found that Retinaldehyde is very effective but much better tolerated. There are 4 Vitamin A serums that vary in potency. It is best to start conservatively, as in try the lowest percentage of Retinaldehyde. It is meant to be used twice a day, but beginning the routine with one application daily to see how your skin handles it. Then gradually build up to twice a day. All of the serums are best when combined with Clear or Clear Plus+ Activating Mist. The mist is a facial spray toner that when used just prior to any serum, helps with product penetration.

Me and my sensitive skin find all this a little daunting. Medical grade skincare…start your routine slowly…see how your skin handles it… It all sounds so harsh, but it’s not. Osmosis is made from incredible, soothing ingredients to give real results.

My first stab at this line is the Stem Factor serum. It is a rejuvenating serum that uses growth factors we lose over time to increase collagen, lessen lines and improve skin tone. I’ve been using it for about a week and really like it. It’s too soon to say I look 10 years younger, but so far so good. My skin feels silky and smooth.

There is a lot to learn about innovative Osmosis. I have barely scratched the surface. Much more to come. Stay beautiful!


Photo by j.steele.photography
Styled by Eve

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