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Guy time with Lab Series

Let’s face it, men’s skincare needs usually take a back seat to our own beauty. Am I right? We don’t mean for this to happen but it does. How about some guy time? Lab Series is skincare for men, actually … Continue reading

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VIOlife Toothbrushes: Fun, bright, sonic.

Brushing our teeth is something we do every day, twice a day, sometimes more. Who says it has to be hum drum or ordinary or dull. It’s time to spice up your toothbrushing experience. The VIOlife Slim Sonic toothbrush is … Continue reading

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Break through the breakouts

Breakouts are the worst. They happen to young people. They happen to old people. They always happen at the worst time possible (before a date or an event, a time when you want to look your best).  Chronic breakouts, like … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye Plain Water

Plain old water is just so, well plain. It can be a bore actually. But…it’s really good for us. It flushes out bad stuff from our body, helps maintain good digestive health, makes skin look more radiant, keeps us hydrated, … Continue reading

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