Bye, Bye Plain Water

Plain old water is just so, well plain. It can be a bore actually. But…it’s really good for us. It flushes out bad stuff from our body, helps maintain good digestive health, makes skin look more radiant, keeps us hydrated, and on and on. There are countless benefits to drinking water. I’m totally into the water-drinking habit…I have fun cups to drink from and take it with me wherever I go (I always have a bottle with me in the car). I get the importance of it but blah!

I don’t know about you but I’m in a water rut! I’m tired of it. How can I spice it up? Make it more exciting, interesting to drink. I’m going to fruit it up. I found a bunch of water recipes that make water look delicious again. Some call them spa waters or fruit-infused waters, you’ll call them yummy and refreshing (is my guess).

It’s really about picking fruits and vegetables and even herbs that you like. Then, wash them really good and throw them in a pitcher full of water. It is best to let the water ‘set up’ or infuse for at least a couple of hours in the fridge.

Here are some combos to try, but what’s great, is you can make up any recipe you want. Whatever will get you drinking more and help you to be an awesome water drinker. If you’re a citrus nut, try lemons, limes and oranges. I really love raspberry or cherry and lime. Strawberries and peaches are a good mix, and even watermelon with rosemary. Also, mint pairs really nicely with lots of different fruits. If you like cucumber, add a few slices for an amazingly refreshing taste. The possibilities are endless.

What’s your favorite water concoction? Share it below.


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