VIOlife Toothbrushes: Fun, bright, sonic.

Brushing our teeth is something we do every day, twice a day, sometimes more. Who says it has to be hum drum or ordinary or dull. It’s time to spice up your toothbrushing experience. The VIOlife Slim Sonic toothbrush is super cute. It is THE stylish toothbrush.


This cool toothbrush is awesome for home and travel. I love that it has a top. I can brush and go…then just throw it right in my makeup bag, handbag or toiletry bag. I also love that it is sonic; an electric toothbrush is what I’ve always called them. It has got a lot of power, 22,000 brush strokes per minute. So, it cleans teeth really well. But, my favorite thing about this toothbrush is all the fun patterns and colors it comes in. Talk about a great package! Solids, polka dots, kisses, stripes, sparkles – something for everyone. Plus, they all come with an extra brush head and battery.

ES33A7348The Rockee Toothbrush, also by VIOlife, is made for children. Whiskers the Cat, Bessie the Cow, Marley the Dog, Chompers the Shark and Randy the Reindeer will make the kids smile, while cleaning their pearly whites. Rockee was designed for little hands, and has a unique big base. The base makes it so it always stands up. The brush stays clean and the counter does, too. Rockee rocks and spins, and has extra soft bristles for a gentle and pleasant cleaning. Do note, unlike the Slim Sonic, Rockee is not sonic. Included with these cute characters are two extra brush heads.

Brushing teeth is stylish, borderline chic, with VIOlife.  And will make you smile.


Photos by
Styled by Eve

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