Guy time with Lab Series


Let’s face it, men’s skincare needs usually take a back seat to our own beauty. Am I right? We don’t mean for this to happen but it does. How about some guy time? Lab Series is skincare for men, actually expert skincare for men. The makers of Lab Series, a men’s only line, have been researching, enhancing and perfecting this collection for nearly 30 years. They know the clear differences between men’s more rugged skin and women’s more delicate skin. It is packaged great, clean and sleek. It has a competitive price point range. But, mostly, it offers the right products for men that work.

Some of the most popular products are:

  1. Power Wash. It’s a gel-foam cleanser that can be used with any skin type. It releases dirt and grime that can clog pores. It soothes and refreshes with just the right amount of hydration.
  2. Electric Shave Solution. It is for guys that use an electric razor, hence the name. This solution is a light liquid that creates a protective barrier. He’ll get a smoother, closer shave.
  3. Cooling Shave Cream. This stuff is so cool! Really, it has a energizing cooling effect when applied. It is rich and silky for an impeccable shave. And, it helps to rid the face of redness.
  4. Daily Moisture Defense Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15. Everyone needs sun protection. This shields the skin from UVA/UVB rays, while antioxidants help to minimize fine lines and other tell-tale signs of aging. It is lightweight and hydrating.
  5. Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick. It goes on clear, never leaving any white residue. It lasts and lasts – odor and wetness are a thing of the past. All day strong.

Guys need a little skincare time, too. Lab Series is an awesome brand to get them started and looking even more handsome.


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Styled by Eve

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