4 Easy Steps to a More Beautiful You

With the holidays being over, it’s time to get down to business with our New Year’s resolutions. A lot of us stick to the same goals every year such as losing weight, going to the gym, working harder for that promotion, etc. What if there was a goal that was easier to reach by the end of 2017 though? And what if just one of these steps every day could make a difference to make a more beautiful you and feel great? Check out these 4 simple steps to make yourself feel more beautiful from the inside and out so that by the end of 2017, you will find a greater, and more beautiful version of yourself.

  1. Add some goji berries to your diet! Just one small tablespoon of goji berries are loaded with beta carotene! Beta carotene is a pigment found in plants and fruits and will help give you more beautiful and glowing skin. To add more benefits, goji berries are very high in Vitamin C, and have a lot of antioxidant properties. If you are watching your weight, no need to worry about this superfood! Goji berries are low in calories, fat-free and are packed with fiber! Just adding some in your smoothies, on top of oatmeal, or just a plain handful will give you all these benefits!goji-324932.jpg
  1. Drink more water. And when I mean drink water…I mean drink a ton of it! Not only will water flush out all of the toxins on the inside, it will detoxify your skin to make a younger, glowing, and more beautiful version of yourself. An easy way to drink more water is to buy it by the gallon and start off drinking just half of that gallon daily. Then as the days go on, try to drink a gallon of water a day to speed up the detox process. If you want to get really fancy, look for water with reverse osmosis. You can fill up your gallon jugs with reverse osmosis water at most local grocery stores. The reason why it is so important to drink such water is for the main reason of fluoride toxicity. Fluoride can cause damage to the brain, a lower IQ, thyroid function, arthritic symptoms, and so many more! As drinking a lot of water is really important, drinking the right water is even more!drinking-water-filter-singapore-1235578.jpg
  1. Use pure, healthy beauty products. There are so many chemicals to look out for these days. Many of these chemicals, unfortunately, are put on our skin on a daily basis. Some of the chemicals that are in our beauty products are PCB’s (a chemical banned in the 70’s but are still snuck into products today), heavy metals such as mercury, parabens which may cause hormonal imbalance, chlorine, and the list goes on! Instead of putting these awful chemicals on our skin, we could just look for a good and clean brand. Brands like Mineral Fusion and Osmosis are two clean brands that detoxify your skin, and increases overall skin nutrition to make a younger and more beautiful you. Check out Osmosis and Mineral Fusion at http://www.faceandbodyshoppe.com


  1. Quit the processed sugar! Let’s face it; no one wants to take sugar out of their diet. Whether it gives you that caffeine kick in your Starbucks mocha, or that ice cream is what you look forward to every day after work, sugar is so detrimental to your health and skin. Sugar can even speed up the aging process and can cause wrinkles and sagging to your skin. Like most of us chocoholics, there is hope! Check out this Easy 4 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse that will totally nourish your sweet tooth cravings.


½ cup Healthworks Cacao Powder

2 large avocados, peeled, pitted, and halved

1/3 cup raw honey

¼ cup milk of choice

1/8 teaspoon sea salt


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a food processor or blender. Process until completely smooth. Note: You may need to scrape the edges of the food processor to get everything to combine.
  2. Transfer to a sealable container and refrigerate at least 1 hour, or until ready to serve.
  3. Optional: Serve with Healthworks Cacao Nibsand/or coconut whipped cream

Recipe credits: healthworks.com


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