The Beeswax Facts!



Beeswax is not just for chap stick. Although it has great benefits as a lip balm during the cold winter days, beeswax has many beneficial properties such as lowering cholesterol, antibacterial, and can even help immensely with acne! Here are some more in depth facts about beeswax that you probably never knew about.

  1. Protectant-A lot of skin moisturizers and cleansers are loaded with chemicals and ingredients that we do not even want to know are in there. But if you have a product with beeswax in there, then you are in luck. Beeswax is the protectant for our skin. It protects against all of the harmful chemicals that are in those skin products.
  2. Vitamin A-Beeswax offers antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and is antiviral so it can treat skin irritations really well. It is known to relieve skin irritations and act as an aid towards skin. Did you know that beeswax can reduce wrinkles? Turning 30 this year? No worries about that age change when beeswax can make you look like it’s your 25th birthday. Beeswax has an abundance of Vitamin A which is a huge factor for looking and staying young. It can also reduce stretch marks! We all need to make the change to beeswax today!
  3.   Heal-Of course the main thing when we think about beeswax is its ability to soothe and heal irritated skin.  Did you know that beeswax can cure infections? Beeswax missed with olive oil is a strong antibacterial treatment that many people find relief with for skin infections. Beeswax can fight mostly any skin infection from bacteria and fungus. It is also a huge relief to acne. Bees wax has skin softening property called emollient that helps maintain smooth skin after eliminating acne.

Whether you need a good lip balm for the winter, or a natural remedy for a skin infection, or simply if you revive your skin to live out your 20’s, beeswax can be the answer to many of your skin problems. Check out the beeswax soap bar and bath salts we carry from Beesworks. Try it out today and let us know how beeswax caused benefit to your skin.


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