There has been so much hype about coconut oil lately! From cooking oil, to facial cleanser, to even a tooth paste; coconut oil is a must have in your household. Here are some facts that you maybe did not know about coconut oil.

Natural Hair Lengthener –
Because the oil is rich in natural fatty acids, it helps with nourishing and hydrates the scalp and the hair. Coconut oil helps your hair grow healthily longer and also gives a wonderful shine to it. It can also be used to tame down frizz, get rid of dandruff and removes and protect the scalp from lice. It is a great conditioner and regrows damaged hair.

Red Hair. Woman with Beautiful Curly Hair

Weight Loss – Coconut oil is very usefulfor weight loss. Don’t be alarmed by that high fat content you see on the nutritional label because coconut is a very healthy fat. It contains short and medium-chain fatty acids, easier to digest and travels straight to the liver where energy is produced instead of body fat. It also increases the speed of the metabolism which takes some stress off of the pancreas. The oil also has a high heat resistance, so unlike other oils when cooked, you receive a lot of the nutritional fat burning benefits. Studies have even showed that women who ate two tablespoons a day for 12 weeks, lowered their abdominal fat. An easy way to consume coconut oil is to put a spoonful in your morning coffee. That way you can gescale-403585t an extra kick for that morning energy and an even speedier metabolism.



Skincare – Coconut oil is loaded with Vitamin E, which is an amazingly moisturizing gift for your skin. During the day, our skin is exposed to many chemicals. Whether it be from air pollution, makeup or even dust in the air, it can do some damage and clog our pores. Coconut oil is a gentle cleanser that makes a great exfoliator. Check and see if your facial cleanser has coconut oil in it. It is simply a key ingredient for good skin. Not only is coconut oil great for facial cleansing, it is also a great night eye cream, makeup remover, and shaving cream. Make sure though, that this oil is organic because you do not want to risk putting any kind of toxins on your skin.Depositphotos_7580384_s-2015 (1).jpg

Depositphotos_88989498_s-2015.jpgHeart Health – A lot of people do not understand how coconut oil can be so heart healthy since it has a very large quantity of saturated fat. But it contains around 50% of lauric acid, which actually prevents many heart problems like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Coconut oil does not raise LDL (bad cholesterol) and actually aids in raising your HDL (good cholesterol). It helps reduce any type of damage to the arteries making it preventable to many heart related diseases.

Teeth Care – Another way that coconut oil gives a lot of benefit is for the teeth. You can even make a coconut oil based tooth paste! Why should we think about making that change? First of all, there are no harmful chemicals. Toothpaste brands like Colgate contain many chemicals that should be a serious concern for people. It contains ingredients that can promote many diseases and even cancers. Coconut oil is very effective against the bacteria that causes bacteria. Massaging this on your gums everyday significantly lowers the risk of cavities. Check out this healthy and easy toothpaste recipe!Depositphotos_25949579_s-2015.jpg

Coconut Oil Toothpaste

6 tbsp. of coconut oil

6 tbsp. of baking soda

25 drops of a pure essential oil (I use peppermint oil)

If you have a recipe that used coconut oil, share it with us at our Facebook page! If you are wanting to find a skincare product with coconut oil, go to for some great natural products!



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