5 Benefits Vitamin A Gives to Skin

Vitamin A is known as a very powerful antioxidant that creates wonders for the skin. Usually when we think of Vitamin A, we think of our daily vitamin and the internal importance of Vitamin A in our body. But did you know that it has amazing powers to give you that amazing, beautiful skin you have been dreaming of? Here are 5 reasons why you should add more Vitamin A for younger and more beautiful skin.

  1. Let’s face it. None of us want to age or look like we are older than 25. Unfortunately, there are no inventions yet that turns back the time, but with an abundance of Vitamin A, you can slow the signs of aging. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps bring down the damage of “oxidation caused by free radicals.” Oxidation that is caused by the free radicals is the main cause of..well…skin decay and disease. Woman's portrait  20,60 years old.Adding more Vitamin A to your everyday life such as eating more leafy greens or adding topical products to your skin can actually slow down the aging process.
  2. It can prevent and help treat skin cancer. This magical vitamin is able to control cancerous cells in the body. Retinoic acid, which Vitamin A is rich in, is very important in the cell development and cancer treatment. Researchers found proof that these molecular mechanisms in retinoic acid may control or even stop cancer cells.
  3. It also is a great protectant against skin infections. Vitamin A aids the white blood cell called a lymphocyte. A lymphocyte attacks bad and harmful substances to help the immune system create antibodies, which attack your skin from antibodies. Vitamin A makes sure that your skin stays healthy and protects your organs from infections. Are you getting enough of it? Women should have at least 900 mg and men need 700 mg. Get more Vitamin A from spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes. You can also absorb it through your skin with facial products.pretty trendy girl posing at the city in Europe,
  4. Not only can Vitamin A stop signs of aging, it also gives your skin a glowing look. It works the innermost layers of the skin makes the skin stronger and firmer while adding moisture. Beauty product brands like Osmosis Skincare, Ahava, Premier, Jojoba, and Beesworks Beeswax all are great options in adding Vitamin A to your daily life and skin. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the proper supplement, or get those carrots into your diet every single day, so using a great moisturizer, or facial cleanser with Vitamin A could be your solution!
  5. Vitamin A in your diet and on your skin can clear up acne! It is important to the regular shedding of the dead skin cells that have been building up on the inside of the pore which causes acne. Vitamin A prevents all the bad “breakout” buildup that would have clogged a pore. Vitamin A also is an anti-inflammatory and reduces the redness and breakout redness.concept skincare . Skin of beauty young woman before and after t
  6. There are so many foods and products that can help get you on the right track on having more Vitamin A in your life. If you are looking for a product that has Vitamin A in it, Face and Body Shoppe can help you get on that right track.
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