What’s the Deal with Paraben?

What is the deal with parabens and why is it more beneficial to use paraben free products? Should we worry? Parabens are chemicals that have been used since the 1950’s to prevent bacteria growth in items. Another huge reason why they are used is because they are inexpensive and effective. Over 85% of cosmetics and many hair products that have parabens in them. So basically they prevent bacteria, are cheap, and popular! So what’s the big deal? Are they really that bad?

Beautiful woman washing her face - isolated on white

In the 1990’s parabens were proven to disrupt hormones in the body. “estrogen disruption” is linked to breast cancer and many reproductive problems. In 2004, a researcher from England even found parabens in many breast cancers. They also came to a realization that in the long run, parabens can accumulate and create many health problems in the long run. So maybe it is better to switch to paraben free products after all?

I guess parabens has its good and bad. The good is that it is the main reason why some of our favorite products stay at a reasonable price. The bad though is that it has been proven to cause a series of serious health problems. So if you want a little more comfort when you use your cosmetic products, stick to the paraben free products! It is a little tough considering that they can be more expensive, but it could be extremely beneficial in the long run!

Want to make the switch and tryout some paraben free products? At Face and Body Shoppe, there are many products that are paraben free such as Jojoba, Amir, and Mineral Fusion. Brands like these can help lead you on the road to good health! Try them out and let us know what you think? Did you find a difference between paraben and paraben free products?


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