The Wet Brush Review

When most people think of brushes, we honestly realize that we don’t think much about them at all. Usually we just go to our local drugstore and purchase the cheapest one we can find because after all, in the end they all accomplish the same task of brushing hair.

Chaminade Parent's Night 2015But do we ever notice some of the dreaded irritations that brushes can do to our hair, like the pain it gives to our scalp as the brush collects clumps of our hair? Or the tangling and frizzizness that brushes cause? Well here is how brushing hair can be less problematic.  Wet Brush was made to reduce all of these nagging problems when brushing hair. It was made to brush through all types of hair without giving any pain or collecting hair in your brush.

I decided to track down reviews of this “miracle brush” and see if it is really worth all the
hype. Review after review, I read how great Wetbrush was and completely fell into temptation to try one out myself. I have very tangled, thick, curly hair and so I really wasn’t expecting much to come out of this brush or even see a difference.

But the first time I brushed my hair after a good wash, I realized I have been missing out on such a great essential for my hair and scalp for quite some time. I had no pain and all which is also why this brush is extremely kid friendly. I always have a huge wad of hair stuck in the bristles every time I brush my hair out. With Wet Brush though, I barely had any. This was quite a huge surprise for me. For someone who never cared about a perfect brush for my hair, I can now never go back to a regular, cheap brush.

What is also cool is that there are so many fun styles like The American Flag, a mustache print, as well as a zebra and cheetah print. So you can brush your hair in great fashion and style. Chaminade Parent's Night 2015

I never realized how important it is to have a great brush instead of investing one dollar on a brush that will actually do more damage to your hair. Your hair will definitely feel healthier, smoother, and will even take out all the knots for you instead of ripping your hair.  It is definitely worth at least trying if you are losing hair, or have a painful brushing hair experience. Even if brushing isn’t the biggest problem for you, it is still worth the try for you and even your kids.

If it works on my crazy curly, knotty hair, it will most definitely work on yours. Try your own Wet Brush and live pain free. Get it here at Face and Body Shoppe and be sure to see all of the great varieties that the Wet Brush offers.

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2 Responses to The Wet Brush Review

  1. Karalee says:

    I use the Wet Brush too and I love it!

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