Beautiful with the BeautyBlender

What is the deal with this supposedly amazing makeup sponge called the Beautyblender? Is it truly essential to add to your makeup bag and to your daily makeup routine? Looking at many Youtube beauty vlogs, it is hard to find a vlogger who is not applying makeup with a Beautyblender. So what’s all the hype?

When I first heard about the Beautyblender, I was honestly thinking, ‘Who would pay $20 for a makeup sponge?’ But after doing some research and reading one raving review after the other, I realized that this makeup sponge is not your typical sponge and is most definitely a penny saver in the end. I mean, it has won Allure’s Best of Beauty award – six times. So it’s definitely worth learning more about!beautyblender

First of all, unlike other drug store sponges, the Beautyblender is eco friendly and reusable! It’s hydrophilic material makes it longer lasting and sturdier. As long as you take proper care of your Beauty Blender, it can last a little over two months, unlike other sponges that need to be immediately disposed. So why not purchase a long lasting sponge that also is better for the environment? Sounds like a good deal to me!beauty blender 2

You can also use this sponge from different types of makeup from foundation, powders, to concealers. It is not only made to be used in the morning getting ready for work, but also during the day for touch ups and refreshing. So this sponge is really unlike any other and can be used multiple times, getting your all your money’s worth.

Want to try it out for yourself? Check out all of Beautyblender’s products at Face and Body Shoppe! Not only do they sell sponges, they also sell top quality makeup application tools as well as cleansers. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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