Beauty Benefits from Exercise

Let’s face reality. Exercising can be a pain. We all know we have to keep up with fitness for our health and longevity. But do we ever think about the benefits it gives to our skin? Let’s read about the top skincare benefits for the skin to get you some motivation before summer hits!

  1. Exercise literally makes your skin glow. Along with proper skin up keeping, a simple 30 minute jog everyday could give you that skin that people pay a lot of money to get. Exercise outside if you want an extra plus. Absorb some Vitamin D when you go for that great natures walk. As the days are getting warmer, there is no excuse to not spend at least 15 minutes athletic pair of legs on grass during sunrise or sunset - he
  2. I think all of us women can express frustration with cellulite. It is literally a drag to look down and see all that cellulite. Sometimes we have an amazing BMI but still have that stubborn cellulite. Well exercise can really help diminish that look. Cellulite is actually a lack of lymph circulation. Lymph is the fluid that contains white blood cells. Since exercise improves circulation, there is no reason to look into purchasing those expensive laser treatments. Along with applying products with collagen, your skin can be firmer in no time.Woman doing Abdomen exercise
  3. No one wants to age. Do you dread that time when your birthday comes along? Well now you can get away with a younger age because exercise has been proven to make you look younger. Exercise boosts levels of soothing brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. It reduces stress on the aging process. A study also proved that stressed out women who exercised showed fewer signs of aging compared to those who didn’t exercise.

These are only a few of the many benefits that exercise gives to your skin. Exercise can also clear acne, make your hair healthier, help with sleep, and many more. Let Face and Body Shoppe assist you with speeding up the process to beautiful skin. We believe in beauty from the inside out and want you to truly be beautiful with our natural products. Products like Organic Goji Berries to The Natural Elephant Dead Sea Mud Mask are amazing natural products that will rejuvenate your skin from the inside to out.


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