Stay Chic with Claus Porto

Let’s face it; looks are everything! We hate admitting it, but it’s true. From fashion, to hair, to makeup; we all want to look chic. Because of looks and visuals, we all have our own unique style and certain styles and looks pop out at us more than others.

fbsfbs61-Edit-EditThe Claus Porto brand definitely has its own unique, luxurious style and one could definitely say that Claus Porto stands out for it’s beautiful packaging. It is a European brand that has been available for 100 years and four generations. No wonder the products are so classy; nothing beats the European style.

These products, especially soaps, are made with exceptional care, compared to other cheap soaps we buy in the super market. They have a long milling process to make sure there is a smooth finish to the soaps and a longer lasting perfume. The soaps are then individually crafted and molded into different shapes and styles. Claus Porto’s production method makes sure to cover all production stages, from the selection of natural ingredients through to the final packaging.

Every package has its own unique label and beautifully designed packaging. From scents like Floral, Woody, Oriental, and Fresh, you definitely have great products for all different occasions. musgo.jpg

The care that goes into each and every one of these products shows. Claus Porto makes  a wonderful gift for many occasions from bridal showers, birthday gifts, or even for your own home. There are all types of products for men as well with a brand called Musgo Real. There is simply no reason not to try this beautiful brand because let’s face it, we all attracted to nice things.

At Face and Body Shoppe, we offer a great price for Claus Porto with free shipping. No reason at all to not try it today. Try out one today! Have you tried Claus Porto before? Let us know your thoughts on the brand by commenting below! We would love to hear some feedback!

Stay beautiful from the inside out!

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