New Year, New You!

“A new year means a new you.” We have been telling ourselves this every year though, right? Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to lose a bit of weight, gain more muscle, or quit an unhealthy habit. Instead of being so harsh on yourself with pages worth of resolutions, why don’t we try to just keep it simple and effective in 2018? Need some advice? Here are 3 ideas to be a better version of YOU next year.


  1. Get healthier by cutting ONE unhealthy food out of your diet. A lot of us wish we could be the “perfect-clean-eater” and never eat a piece of bread. But we are human, and who doesn’t want an extra piece of cake here and there? So just try to cut out one small unhealthy item. It could be: drinking black coffee instead of adding sugar, adding greens to every meal, no bread Monday’s, meatless Fridays,  drinking Kombucha instead of soda…the list could go on. But these very simple ideas could make a big difference in your life.
  2. Get happier. Take some risks to make yourself happy. Don’t like where you are standing now? Get out and see a different country, start a new hobby or volunteer. Do something that you know you will be so proud of doing by the time this year is over. Happiness is key to staying healthy.maxresdefault
  3. Start using higher quality products. Start putting better quality makeup on your skin, soaps and laundry detergent without chemicals, even meats and poultry. We all groan about this because higher quality products are more expensive. But it’s all worth it for your health.

Face and Body Shoppe can help you out. Try out Nellies All Natural Products, or super foods from Healthworks. These products can put you in a great direction in 2018. Let’s make next year a newer you and a healthier you.

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