Beautiful with the BeautyBlender

What is the deal with this supposedly amazing makeup sponge called the Beautyblender? Is it truly essential to add to your makeup bag and to your daily makeup routine? Looking at many Youtube beauty vlogs, it is hard to find a vlogger who is not applying makeup with a Beautyblender. So what’s all the hype?

When I first heard about the Beautyblender, I was honestly thinking, ‘Who would pay $20 for a makeup sponge?’ But after doing some research and reading one raving review after the other, I realized that this makeup sponge is not your typical sponge and is most definitely a penny saver in the end. I mean, it has won Allure’s Best of Beauty award – six times. So it’s definitely worth learning more about!beautyblender

First of all, unlike other drug store sponges, the Beautyblender is eco friendly and reusable! It’s hydrophilic material makes it longer lasting and sturdier. As long as you take proper care of your Beauty Blender, it can last a little over two months, unlike other sponges that need to be immediately disposed. So why not purchase a long lasting sponge that also is better for the environment? Sounds like a good deal to me!beauty blender 2

You can also use this sponge from different types of makeup from foundation, powders, to concealers. It is not only made to be used in the morning getting ready for work, but also during the day for touch ups and refreshing. So this sponge is really unlike any other and can be used multiple times, getting your all your money’s worth.

Want to try it out for yourself? Check out all of Beautyblender’s products at Face and Body Shoppe! Not only do they sell sponges, they also sell top quality makeup application tools as well as cleansers. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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The Wet Brush Review

When most people think of brushes, we honestly realize that we don’t think much about them at all. Usually we just go to our local drugstore and purchase the cheapest one we can find because after all, in the end they all accomplish the same task of brushing hair.

Chaminade Parent's Night 2015But do we ever notice some of the dreaded irritations that brushes can do to our hair, like the pain it gives to our scalp as the brush collects clumps of our hair? Or the tangling and frizzizness that brushes cause? Well here is how brushing hair can be less problematic.  Wet Brush was made to reduce all of these nagging problems when brushing hair. It was made to brush through all types of hair without giving any pain or collecting hair in your brush.

I decided to track down reviews of this “miracle brush” and see if it is really worth all the
hype. Review after review, I read how great Wetbrush was and completely fell into temptation to try one out myself. I have very tangled, thick, curly hair and so I really wasn’t expecting much to come out of this brush or even see a difference.

But the first time I brushed my hair after a good wash, I realized I have been missing out on such a great essential for my hair and scalp for quite some time. I had no pain and all which is also why this brush is extremely kid friendly. I always have a huge wad of hair stuck in the bristles every time I brush my hair out. With Wet Brush though, I barely had any. This was quite a huge surprise for me. For someone who never cared about a perfect brush for my hair, I can now never go back to a regular, cheap brush.

What is also cool is that there are so many fun styles like The American Flag, a mustache print, as well as a zebra and cheetah print. So you can brush your hair in great fashion and style. Chaminade Parent's Night 2015

I never realized how important it is to have a great brush instead of investing one dollar on a brush that will actually do more damage to your hair. Your hair will definitely feel healthier, smoother, and will even take out all the knots for you instead of ripping your hair.  It is definitely worth at least trying if you are losing hair, or have a painful brushing hair experience. Even if brushing isn’t the biggest problem for you, it is still worth the try for you and even your kids.

If it works on my crazy curly, knotty hair, it will most definitely work on yours. Try your own Wet Brush and live pain free. Get it here at Face and Body Shoppe and be sure to see all of the great varieties that the Wet Brush offers.

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A New Must have Skincare Brand – Natural Elephant

Beauty products from The Dead Sea have so many benefits. Dead Sea products contain many vitamins and minerals that aid in ridding cellulite, acne, and help moisturize the skin. With so many brands claiming to be from the Dead Sea, how can we trust and know which brand is right over the other?natural elephant new

There is a new brand that everyone should know about. Natural Elephant is a clean all natural brand that focuses on building trust with the belief that everyone should feel and be Beautiful from the Inside Out. Natural Elephant is an all-natural skincare, beauty, and health brand with focus right now on products from The Dead Sea, although they are traveling around the world to find the best skincare products for everyone. The Natural Elephant brand name developed through traveling all over the world in search of healthy, clean, and natural products that benefit others, similar to an elephant searching the globe for nourishment.

While other brands focus on selling to make the most money and selling items for cheap, not with authentic ingredients, Natural Elephant differs and cares mostly about entrusting others with their true and all natural ingredients so that people may feel healthier with great skin results.Depositphotos_57350075_s-2015

People who have used Natural Elephant’s products who have bad skin conditions like psoriasis have noticed amazing results from using Natural Elephant’s products. With ingredients like olive oil and algae, all skin types will feel and look healthier and more beautiful.

They currently sell the Natural Elephant Moroccan Hammam Glove, Dead Sea Mud Soap, Dead Sea Mud Mask, and Bath Salts. Take a look at Natural Elephant’s products so that you may be Beautiful from the Inside Out. natural elephant ele

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The Dead Sea “Sea-crets”

At 3 million years old, The Dead Sea gets its name from the high mineral content which allows for nothing to live in its waters. Located in Israel, the Dead Sea is the lowest elevation point in the entire world. Most of us had some sort of knowledge about the Dead Sea. Here are some facts though, that you may of not of known about the Dead Sea.dead sea 3.jpg

  1. Did you know that the Dead Sea is the second saltiest sea in the world with a salt content of 33%? (First is Don Juan Pond in Antarctica). Since the salt content is so high, you are able to lay on the surface of the water without even trying to float!dead sea.jpg
  2. The unique salts contain many minerals which can treat a number of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, hives, cellulite, dandruff, and many others. It has a natural healing qualities, clearing a lot of skin conditions.
  3. The Dead Sea mud is very high in magnesium, Vitamin E, calcium, and potassium; all great minerals for your skin. Many vacationers come seeking remedies for their skin conditions. The Dead Sea is the best free spa there is! Scientists have studied and concluded without a doubt that the Dead Sea mud benefits the skin. The mud has very strong cleansing capacity which is great for skin rejuvenating, cellulite, and skin dryness.
  4. The rim of the Dead Sea filters the sun’s ultraviolet rays. So it is the only place on earth where you can sunbathe for long periods with little or no sunburn because there are no harmful ultraviolet rays. You’re getting only ‘good’ UVB, which doesn’t happen anywhere else on the planet.
    Girl At The Dead Sea, Israel.
  5. Not only is the sea full of minerals, but the air is as well. Because of the low height in relation to the sea level, high atmospheric pressure is created in the Dead Sea which makes the air 6% richer in oxygen than normal. The air is also very rich in minerals such as magnesium and bromine.

Since traveling to The Dead Sea is unfortunately not that easy, we have many products that are available to us such as the Natural Elephant Dead Sea Mud Mask and the Natural Elephant Dead Sea Bath Salts to help with our skin. Learning more about the Dead Sea will come to find that there are many benefits not just for the skin, but for the overall well-being.

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LipFusion XXL Lip Plumper Review

We had a great vlog review from Madison Burke about the LipFusion XXL Lip Plumper. Want to have fuller lips without the injections? LipFusion provides moisturizing and anti-aging effects, as well as creating even more noticeable lip volume. LipFusion XXL Can be used as an alternative to doctor administered injections or in conjunction, to prolong and extend the plumping benefits.

The benefits are that they work and they are a safe way of giving you a fuller and smoother lips using a lip plumper. Also, if you do not like the results, your lips will eventually go back to normal with most lip plumping products. It is definitely worth the try to get those beautiful lips that you everyone is raving for.

Watch Madison’s vlog and try it out yourself! You can also read Madison’s blog about the lip plumper here: Lip Plumper Review.

Try it out today! What are your thoughts about a home lip plumper?


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What’s the Deal with Paraben?

What is the deal with parabens and why is it more beneficial to use paraben free products? Should we worry? Parabens are chemicals that have been used since the 1950’s to prevent bacteria growth in items. Another huge reason why they are used is because they are inexpensive and effective. Over 85% of cosmetics and many hair products that have parabens in them. So basically they prevent bacteria, are cheap, and popular! So what’s the big deal? Are they really that bad?

Beautiful woman washing her face - isolated on white

In the 1990’s parabens were proven to disrupt hormones in the body. “estrogen disruption” is linked to breast cancer and many reproductive problems. In 2004, a researcher from England even found parabens in many breast cancers. They also came to a realization that in the long run, parabens can accumulate and create many health problems in the long run. So maybe it is better to switch to paraben free products after all?

I guess parabens has its good and bad. The good is that it is the main reason why some of our favorite products stay at a reasonable price. The bad though is that it has been proven to cause a series of serious health problems. So if you want a little more comfort when you use your cosmetic products, stick to the paraben free products! It is a little tough considering that they can be more expensive, but it could be extremely beneficial in the long run!

Want to make the switch and tryout some paraben free products? At Face and Body Shoppe, there are many products that are paraben free such as Jojoba, Amir, and Mineral Fusion. Brands like these can help lead you on the road to good health! Try them out and let us know what you think? Did you find a difference between paraben and paraben free products?


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5 Benefits Vitamin A Gives to Skin

Vitamin A is known as a very powerful antioxidant that creates wonders for the skin. Usually when we think of Vitamin A, we think of our daily vitamin and the internal importance of Vitamin A in our body. But did you know that it has amazing powers to give you that amazing, beautiful skin you have been dreaming of? Here are 5 reasons why you should add more Vitamin A for younger and more beautiful skin.

  1. Let’s face it. None of us want to age or look like we are older than 25. Unfortunately, there are no inventions yet that turns back the time, but with an abundance of Vitamin A, you can slow the signs of aging. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps bring down the damage of “oxidation caused by free radicals.” Oxidation that is caused by the free radicals is the main cause of..well…skin decay and disease. Woman's portrait  20,60 years old.Adding more Vitamin A to your everyday life such as eating more leafy greens or adding topical products to your skin can actually slow down the aging process.
  2. It can prevent and help treat skin cancer. This magical vitamin is able to control cancerous cells in the body. Retinoic acid, which Vitamin A is rich in, is very important in the cell development and cancer treatment. Researchers found proof that these molecular mechanisms in retinoic acid may control or even stop cancer cells.
  3. It also is a great protectant against skin infections. Vitamin A aids the white blood cell called a lymphocyte. A lymphocyte attacks bad and harmful substances to help the immune system create antibodies, which attack your skin from antibodies. Vitamin A makes sure that your skin stays healthy and protects your organs from infections. Are you getting enough of it? Women should have at least 900 mg and men need 700 mg. Get more Vitamin A from spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes. You can also absorb it through your skin with facial products.pretty trendy girl posing at the city in Europe,
  4. Not only can Vitamin A stop signs of aging, it also gives your skin a glowing look. It works the innermost layers of the skin makes the skin stronger and firmer while adding moisture. Beauty product brands like Osmosis Skincare, Ahava, Premier, Jojoba, and Beesworks Beeswax all are great options in adding Vitamin A to your daily life and skin. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the proper supplement, or get those carrots into your diet every single day, so using a great moisturizer, or facial cleanser with Vitamin A could be your solution!
  5. Vitamin A in your diet and on your skin can clear up acne! It is important to the regular shedding of the dead skin cells that have been building up on the inside of the pore which causes acne. Vitamin A prevents all the bad “breakout” buildup that would have clogged a pore. Vitamin A also is an anti-inflammatory and reduces the redness and breakout redness.concept skincare . Skin of beauty young woman before and after t
  6. There are so many foods and products that can help get you on the right track on having more Vitamin A in your life. If you are looking for a product that has Vitamin A in it, Face and Body Shoppe can help you get on that right track.
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